90 Day Fast

18 months ago I had a heart to heart with God about my life. I was spinning out of control with no direction, no purpose. As I talked to Him about my fears, my questions, my hopes and dreams, He spoke to me solely about food.

The truth is, I was/am overweight. Food is my source for everything. There isn’t one feeling I have that doesn’t require food to deal with it. Happy? Celebrate with Ice Cream. Sad? Eat some more pasta or pizza. Angry? Grab that bag of chips and don’t stop until you are in a food coma and fall asleep. Insomnia? Eat a PBJ and chase it with some sugary cereal.

After my talk with God, I was ready to change my life. I started eating clean, mostly organic, very little meat, very little wheat, and no sugar. My progress was wonderful at first (40 pounds in two months). I felt great and my skin was clear and my eyes were brighter. The problem came in trying to maintain this new lifestyle. I didn’t have a real plan other than “Eat Clean”. Not surprisingly, I fell away from my new relationship with food and jumped right back in to my old ways and gained back 31 of those pounds. That was over a year ago.

So here I am in January of 2017, ready to give this another shot. This time, however, I have a plan. I am starting this journey to break the addiction to food with a 90 day vegan fast, with the addition of removing wheat, soy and processed sugar from my diet.

While I am fasting, I will be blogging about my experiences each day. This is difficult because consistency and discipline are not strong characteristics in me. The bottom line in all of this is to become more and more obedient to God, to break my addiction to food, and to align my heart and will with His.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Be Blessed!