Days 75, 76, & 77 – User Error

psalm 119-11Psalm 119:10-11     I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. 

Funny story – I noticed that my blog posts from the last two days were not showing up even though I wrote them. I knew I wasn’t going crazy, and I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t showing on Facebook or even on WordPress. Then I noticed as I was going through my wordpress page to figure it out, I somehow set up for all my post to be held until a certain date and then post. All I can think is I was looking to see when day 90 is and somehow set it up because they were scheduled to post on the 90th day. Complete User Error.

So… now that you know why my posts have been sporadic, it’s time to begin another post. I have decided not to publish the other two, rather combine them all in one regarding a conviction of my heart recently.

If your friends are anything like mine, then you spend a lot of time and laughter on reciting lines from a particular television show, or movie, or song. When everyone knows the reference, it can be very funny. As I listened to my kids do this, and my friends do this, and strangers do this, it struck me how much of our popular culture is in our brains. We have memorized quotes, scenes, lyrics, sayings, slogans, commercials, most of the time without trying. We remember them simply because we have heard them so many times.

And yet, when I try to recall a specific passage in the bible, I am unable to remember it. I may know the general idea of the scripture or where it is located, but very few are actually memorized. What a shame! Shouldn’t the scripture be hidden in my heart more than popular culture? Where is my time devoted? Repetition has caused me to remember things of the world, and on the flip side, lack of repetition has made me unable to remember scripture. If I spent as many hours reading and studying scripture as I do popular culture I would be able to recall with ease and I would be able to fight my battles of life by standing on scripture. If I knew scripture better I could respond to each moment of disappointment, or trial, or sadness, or anger with scripture to keep my eyes on God.

As I draw closer to the end of this fast, my desire is to know the bible better than my favorite television show or movie.

How well do you recall scripture as compared to popular culture?

Day 77 is here and I am only 13 days away from this fast being over. Less than 2 weeks. I am feeling I may need more time. Or maybe I just need to use my time more carefully so I am always drawing closer to Jesus.

All I know is I am not even close to being changed enough. If I have learned anything during this fast, it is that I need Jesus more than I can describe, more than my very breath I need Him. He is everything to me, my entire reason for being here on earth is to bring Him glory with my life. I pray that I am a good representative of Him here on earth.

So that’s it for today. Day 77 is done and I am more aware of my own inadequacies than ever, and more aware of how much I need Jesus. And it is a beautiful place to be.

This is the worship song I am listening to as I write this tonight, and I am being wrecked and drawn into beautiful worship: Fellowship Creative – Jesus is Alive

Give it a listen and remember how much God loves you.

Be Blessed!

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