Day 59 – Discarded Fruit

2 Corinthians 2:14     Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 

bananasBy the time I can smell the bananas on my counter, they are too ripe. At this point my choices are to use them in baking or freeze them for smoothies. I usually choose the latter.

By looking at the bananas in the picture, you can assume a few things: It will be very soft, it will taste sweet, and it will have an almost sugary scent. With bananas, the sweeter they get, the less appealing they are to people.

Sounds a little like my spiritual life. This afternoon I was driving an hour to my worship rehearsal for an upcoming retreat. I began to practice the songs in the car as I drove. I didn’t make it through the first song before the Holy Spirit grabbed a hold of my heart. I began to weep as I was enveloped by the sweet presence of Jesus. I realized afterward it has been a long while since I took the time to just worship God with no agenda, no plan, no specific petitions, just worship. I arrived at my destination feeling refreshed and renewed. I was reminded how important time spent in worship is for my overall spiritual well being. I am spending so much time with this fast on my physical well being and my discipline, I have forgotten about my spiritual well being. I can’t let that continue. I am thankful for that reminder tonight.

Another thing I was reminded of tonight is that just as the banana loses its appeal to people as it matures, so it goes with us. The more time we spend in worship, in prayer, in bible study, the more we mature. As we mature we become sweeter on the inside and our hard hearts become soft. The world, however, will not see that. All the world will see is that we are no longer appealing. They will be turned off… that is until they smell the sweet fragrance of His knowledge that diffuses from us. It is the thing that will attract them to us in spite of their initial rejection. I pray that each of us, myself included, will give off such a sweet fragrance of the knowledge of God people will hunt us down to speak to us and find out what we have that is causing that aroma.

Day 59 was a good day. It started out a bit slow with a few errands, but as I mentioned earlier, I spent some very important time in worship and my attitude has completely shifted. I am so grateful to Jesus for His sacrifice, His Grace and Mercy, His Love for me. For you. He is my All in All. I am so unworthy but because of His great love for me, I can now boldly approach the throne of Grace and worship my Heavenly Father. I am continually in awe.

I didn’t eat anything exciting today, just more left overs. I do need to make a couple things tomorrow though, but we shall see.

In the meantime, this is Day 59 singing the praises of the King.

Be Blessed!



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