Day 56 – Use the Good China

Psalms 23:5     You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Some days you just need to use the pretty cup.

I have some nice china that we never use. As it sits in the cabinet untouched, I often wonder what good is a plate if is isn’t filled with food? And what good is a cup if it doesn’t overflow? A plate is meant to be eaten from and a cup is meant to be filled with drink. Otherwise, no matter how fancy they may be, they are useless.

I think that sometimes I am like the good china. I look the part of a Jesus follower, but I am unused and useless in the kingdom of God. I want to be used everyday by God. I don’t want to be brought out only on special occasions and holidays. What good am I to the kingdom if I am afraid to get dirty or broken?

My philosophy now is to use the good china. Wear the expensive perfume. Get out there and experience life. It isn’t meant to be watched through the glass doors of a china cabinet, it’s meant to be lived at the table He prepares for us in the face of our enemies. We may get chipped, or broken, or scratched, but He anoints our head with oil and our cup overflows anyway.

Are you watching your life go by? Or are you living at the table He prepares?

Day 56 was a good day. I spent some much needed time with my girls. Any time I get to spend with them is great. They are adults now, and are beginning to experience life at their own tables set out by God. It is a beautiful thing to watch. I pray I have instilled in them the desire to live and not merely watch their life as it goes by.

pretty cup
Sometimes you just want a pretty cup. 

I felt like I was surrounded by sugar and wheat and all things non-vegan today. I went out to eat with my daughter and as usual I ordered a bunch of sides because there was nothing on the menu I could eat. I also ordered a house salad and forgot to ask them to leave off the cheese so I spent 5 minutes picking each shred of cheese from the lettuce. It wasn’t fun, but the salad was delicious and I had a tomato vinaigrette to go on top that was perfect. I didn’t eat anything else today because that early dinner was incredibly filling.  I drank my Golden Milk in a pretty cup tonight and now I’m ready for dreamland.

I pray you are all finding the strength to jump into life and dine at the table laid out before your enemies.

Day 56 is nodding off.

Be Blessed!


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