Day 53 – Fight or Flight?

John 6:65-67     He went on to say, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him.” From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve. 

The things that Jesus was teaching were difficult to understand and to accept. When we read this passage, and the verses before it, we may be surprised that some of Jesus’ disciples left and turned back because it was getting to hard. Part of me wants to be shocked that they would turn back, but if I am honest, I can understand their trepidation. How would I react if I were them? How do I react now when following Jesus becomes difficult? Do I stay and Fight in faith? Or do I take Flight and run away?

Sometimes I do run away. In fact, when I got separated from my first husband, I was angry with God. I decided this life of faith was not worth the pain and I ran. For over 9 years I ran. I was bitter and disillusioned with Jesus. My life was falling apart and it seemed God was sitting back and watching it happen without helping me. I know now that He was there the whole time.

You know, even as I ran from God, He never left my side. His voice was constantly in my ears, gentle encouraging me to return to Him. He would remind me through circumstances, or people, or even TV shows, that He was waiting for me and He would be there when I am ready. The gentle insistence was annoying at first and down right maddening as the years passed. I say this – it takes a lot of work and determination to run from God once you have a relationship with Him. It took way more work to ignore Him than it ever took to live with Him.

How I returned to Him is a story for another day, but my point is this: Sometimes the teaching of Jesus seems impossible to follow. The question you must as yourself is whether you have the faith to believe that it will be worth it. If you answer no to that question, and you don’t think you have enough faith right now, stop what you are doing and ask God to grant you more faith. Faith cannot be earned or bought… it is a gift from God that is freely given when we are ready to receive. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for more faith when you need it.

Day 53 started with an eventful morning. I spent most of it deep cleaning my kitchen. I live in a town house and the home next to us is vacant. Apparently the old tenants left behind some undesirable creatures, namely German cockroaches. They have sprayed next door while they were cleaning and remodeling, which sent the roaches scurrying for a new home. Since my kitchen wall is shared with their kitchen wall, the bottom line is I now have roaches. Gross. So after deep cleaning this morning I have put out all sorts of traps and baits for the offending bugs. I will give it a couple weeks and see if that helps, and if it doesn’t I will resort to calling the landlord so he can spray that nasty chemical-laden poison. I am really hoping I won’t have to do that. Maybe someone will move in next door soon and then the roaches can go back from where they came.

Today I was asked one of those questions that people always ask when they find out I am vegan, “Where do you get all your protein if you are vegan?” So, I thought I would share this image with you that lists many protein sources. I find it very helpful when I am meal planning, and I also think the vegan food pyramid is interesting.

vegan protein                   vegan food pyramid

Maybe you will find these resources as helpful as I did.

This is Day 53 counting protein grams to help me fall asleep.

Be Blessed!


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