Day 40 – Don’t Fear the Curveball


Romans 12:11-12     Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 

I was not an easy going child, teen, or young adult. I normally had a plan for how everything was going to go, and when life got messy, as it tends to do, I would be thrown for a loop. I would either cry, or get angry, or just get downright nasty. I hated the curveball because I feared the curveball.

Somewhere around the time I was having my third child, I realized that life will always throw a curveball and I better learn how to be flexible and let go of my perfectly laid out plans when necessary. I prayed for God to help me become more easy going. And it worked!

These days I am a fairly “go with the flow” kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments when my messed up plans cause a scene, but it doesn’t happen often at all anymore. And honestly, life is so much sweeter when you learn to let things go. I now live under the umbrella of ease knowing that things always have a way of working out for the best.

Work is a perfect example of how I have learned to let the small stuff go. When I started there a year ago as a server, I had a set idea every night of how my shift was supposed to go. I worried a lot about whether I was being taken advantage of by the other servers, or whether I was the last server out in the evening. It stressed me out and honestly made me and unpleasant person to be around. A couple months ago, the Holy Spirit held up his mirror in my face and showed me what kind of person I was at work. I certainly was not a good representative of Jesus! It made me flip the switch and just go with the flow each shift. I stopped worrying if I would get out early, or if I was being used, or if the other girls were talking about me. I found my own pace and rode it to the end of each shift. The change in attitude has paid off and God takes care of me financially every week. I no longer dread going to work, and frankly, my tips have increased which may have a lot to do with the fact that I wear a smile on my face while I’m working now.

Be joyful in hope – have you ever wished for something, or prayed for something, or anxiously awaited something? How was your attitude while you waited? Right now I am praying and hoping for my husband to find a job in what will become our new home town. I am hoping for a job that will allow me to stay home and work full time at writing. I admit, I worry sometimes about it, but mostly I am joyful. Having joy when something has not yet come to fruition, but is still only a hope, is putting all your faith and trust in God. Knowing that regardless of the outcome, He has us and His plan will prevail is enough to take away all worry and stress.

Be patient in affliction – Have you ever had friends or coworkers or others talk about you behind your back? The gossip hounds who love to spread half truths gang up on you and leave you feeling misunderstood and completely alone. I have had this happen to me on many occasions and my first instinct is to defend myself to everyone. Unfortunately this normally makes matters worse. The last time this happened was at work. I overheard some of my coworkers speaking negatively about me, and twisting my words and actions to appear bad. I wanted so badly to go over and stop their conversation and put an end to the lies. However, the Spirit of God prompted me to be quiet. It was not easy at all, but I let it go. I was hurt and frustrated but I did my best to just act as if nothing happened. Days later, the rumors about me came to the surface, and the coworkers who were talking about me were caught in their lies, proven wrong, and made to look petty and immature. And I didn’t have to say a word because I was patient in affliction.

Be faithful in prayer – Never stop praying. Seriously, that isn’t an exaggeration. Never stop praying. Keep the communication between you and God open all day long as you go about your day. And make it a priority to set aside time to pray uninterrupted. Give God your full attention. I promise, your life will change drastically when you devote time to God in prayer. Prayer changes things. Be faithful in prayer.

Three fairly easy steps that will help lead to a fairly easy going life.

Day 40 – Forty days! This is big. As a girl with no follow-through I am mighty proud of this accomplishment. Of course I still have over halfway to go, but 40 days is not small feat.

Tomorrow I will be doing some cooking for the next few days, so check out my instagram story (@graciegrin) to see what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading, and for sticking with me through 40 days. This is Day 40 unplugging from the world.

Be Blessed!


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