Day 30 – Don’t Hide Your Love

2 Timothy 1:8     So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me, his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God.

Most everyone who knows me knows I am a Christian. I don’t hide it from my family or friends or even acquaintances. The question I ask myself is what about the stranger? Would a stranger be able to figure out that I am Christian? Do my words and my actions convey that Jesus is my everything?

For much of my life I played the part of chameleon. I changed and adapted my personality according to the crowd. It is exhausting to live that way. Now I am finally at a place where I love and accept me for who I am, and I am not trying to be or pretending to be anyone else. There is such freedom in that way of living. Of course, I still wonder if people find me weird, odd, or strange because when I let the real me show, I tend to be a giant goofball.

Another aspect of who I am is my faith if Jesus. I don’t hide my faith, but I have learned how to curb my words so I don’t offend anyone when talking about my faith. I think it is time for me to work that part of me out into the open to be gone forever.

In my work as a waitress, there are times customers can tell I am a Christian, and there are times when they have no idea. I am still not sure what difference in my behavior makes it obvious or not, but I would like to figure that out so I can be more consistent. I want to let my light shine and not hide it under a bushel.

Do the people around you know you love Jesus? Do your words and actions match your belief?

img_2475Day 30 – one third the way there! This is a big deal for me because I normally quit things when they get too hard or inconvenient. Not this time. I can physically feel the determination to allow God to speak to me through this fast.

Food today was okay. I made some more pasta salad which is delicious! I paired it with raspberries. Then of course, I had some chips and hummus which seems to be my go to snack. For work I made a smoothie and I took some fruit to eat but I didn’t have time to eat it. It was a very busy night at work. I came home, ate some more chips and hummus because I was too tired to think about making something to eat. I also drank some golden milk and got a hot bath to soak my tired body.

Not a very exciting day but tomorrow will be busy, so stay tuned!

Day 30 – hitting the sack.

Be Blessed!

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