Day 28 – Use It or Lose It

Psalm 81:1-2     Sing for joy to God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob! Begin the music, strike the tambourine, play the melodious harp and lyre. 

This weekend I felt every word of this verse. It was so good to be back up leading worship. During services this morning, thought, I was reminded of something that applies to every area of my life. When you have a gift, a talent, knowledge, or job, you have to use it or you will lose it.

After taking a month off from my church’s worship team, I realized when I sang this weekend that my voice grew tired much more quickly than in the past. The rest was necessary, and we all need to take time to rest. However, when we are resting we cannot forget to keep practicing and keep learning. I am sure if I had practiced just a few minutes a day, my voice would still have had the stamina it seems to have lost. It will come back; I’m not worried about that, but the realization made me think about all parts of my life.

If I read the bible and study scripture, I will recall verses and passages and stories with ease. If I stop reading, it becomes more difficult to have those verses come to mind when needed. I need to use it, or lose it.

I spent a lot of time last year researching certain foods and what they did for the body and why they were good for me. I made the switch to many of them and still eat them today, but when asked why I eat them, I didn’t have an answer. I knew I had a reason for the switch, but I couldn’t recall it today. I have forgotten everything I researched because I stopped researching. Use it or lose it.

At one point in my life I was running a 5k with relative ease. Today I can’t even run down the block without being winded. I didn’t use it, and I lost it.

How about you? Have you ever forgotten something or lost an ability to do something because you didn’t keep up with it or take care of it?

New Cookbook!

Day 28 – I’m a bit bloated today. Even though I was able to stay on track yesterday when we went out to dinner, eating that food still affected me. It was worth it to spend time with my friends.

Today it is back to the grind. I’m planning meals and making a shopping list for the week. I love my new cookbook and I can’t wait to dig into it even more. I’m trying one recipe out of it this week. If you head over to my Instagram (@graciegrin) you will see all my progress on my story. I will be posting my step by step process of making new foods.

Anyway, I didn’t eat much today because I just wasn’t hungry after dining out. I had a smoothie, some fruit, some popcorn, rice and roasted veggies and tea. I’m hoping the bloat will be gone tomorrow. I have a hard time remembering how I felt when I ate out all the time. No wonder I was always sluggish.

Well, that is it for me today. Day 28 – over and out.

Be Blessed!


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