Day 27 – Shifting Focus

Isaiah 26:3     You will keep in Perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts you.

Today felt like a successful day. I did some cleaning around the house since I had no plans this morning. I know this may seem weird, but I enjoy having time to clean for my family and keep my house in order. Normally I don’t have time to do it and rely heavily on my husband to help, but when I am able to stay of top of it myself, I feel accomplished and it makes me feel warm on the inside.

img_2457I also returned to the worship team today after taking a month off to rest. The last month was good for me and gave me time to focus my attention on my family and also on Jesus. I reconnected with my love for worship and came back today feeling refreshed and renewed. Also, I got to sing one of my favorite songs on my first weekend back, so that is even better. The song is What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong. It was a God Kiss moment. I am so humbled by the talent I get to worship with at my church.

After church my husband and I went to dinner with good friends of ours. I successfully stuck to plan by making substitutions with my meal. I am proud of myself. It is definitely better than last time I went out to eat and ate way too much bloomin’ onion.

I think the big difference for me these day regarding my success is my focus on Jesus. I have felt at peace more than I have in a long time. It is so refreshing and makes me wonder what I was waiting for to get to this point where I focus on Him more than myself.

Try it… you won’t regret it.

So, that’s day 27 saying catch ya later.

Be Blessed!


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