Day 17 -Feeling Salty

Ezekiel 47:1-12 

I’m not going to write out the entire referenced scripture, but I will fill you in. Or you can click the scripture and follow the link. This is about The River that flows through the temple. As Ezekiel watched, this river grows bigger and stronger. It flows from the Holy Place of the temple, the throne of God. Then the river passes through the altar, bringing with it in its current the sacrifice. The river flows down into the sea, and as it combines there, the river converts the salty sea into pure, fresh water; It flourishes and brings healing, life, abundance, restoration.

Jesus is our Living Water, He is the water that flows from the throne through the sacrifice and reaches us with conversion and we now have life abundant, healing, restoration.

This image has stuck with me all day. Jesus, the Living Water, can take my saltiness and bring me Joy. He can restore me from the years of hurt, and return me to an abundant life. It’s amazing how I can be so thirsty, so salty, and not even realize it until I have tasted fresh pure water.

When I am cooking for my family, I can’t taste most of the meals I make while I’m on this fast. One shake too many from the salt shaker and it will ruin their entire meal. This is how a salty heart affects our entire life. The Lord told us to taste and see that He is good. We need to taste in order to know. We can’t rely on others to taste for us, we have to taste for ourselves, and when we find our life to be too salty, there is Living Water waiting to refresh us.

Has the Living Water refreshed you?

Spaghetti Squash

Day 17 started out good and finished the same. It is my day off so of course it is shopping day. I spent time at NutritionSmart and Publix, and was able to get some meals started. I also stopped by Walmart and saw the blood mobile in the parking lot, so I stopped to give blood. Food today was a little boring but I managed to finish off the pasta salad and the chili. I put the chili over a spaghetti squash I cooked and it was really good. I also ate some hummus and chips and drank some golden tea.

I was amazed at how much the spaghetti squash made! I have had them before but never got so much out of one squash. So delicious!

I did some more cooking today. I made oatmeal for the week. The most exciting thing was using my Instant Pot again to make lentil tacos. They are delicious and I can’t wait to eat them this week. I got some organic corn tortillas as

Clockwise from left: Giving Blood, Broccoli Sprouts, Chips and Hummus, Lentil Tacos & Instant Pot

well as some avocado to put on top.

I also bought some broccoli sprouts and I will be adding them to my salads and smoothies this week. I love when they are in stock at Publix. I bet they will taste good on top of the lentil tacos.

Well that’s it for me today. I hope you had a beautiful day.

Day 17 – signing off.

Be Blessed?


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