Day 15 -God, Is That You?

Luke 11:28     He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

My little mistake yesterday regarding eating outside my fast had me thinking all day about obedience to God. How often do I hear the small voice of the Holy Spirit directing me and I just ignore it. I have done it many times. One in particular was at church and I heard God whisper in my heart to go over and talk to a woman who was sitting by herself and to pray with her. I didn’t know that woman, but she is someone I have always considered to “have it all together”. So I pushed down the feeling and didn’t respond. I found out later in the week this woman was going through a divorce and it took everything she had in her to go to church. It turns out, God used someone else to pray with her that day. God didn’t need me to be the one to pray with her, but He was giving me the opportunity to be His vessel. And I missed it.

Yesterday while I was at dinner I heard the quiet whisper in my heart to stay the course with my fast and not back down. As we know, I ignored it and I ate something not on my approved list. I ignored the urging of the Holy Spirit. Does eating that one thing ruin what I am trying to accomplish with this fast? I don’t think so. In fact, I feel as is I am stronger because through my disobedience God has been able to speak to me about how often I ignore the voice of God in my daily life.

I want to be so in tune with His voice and so willing to obey that there is no hesitation on my part when He speaks to me. It may take a lifetime to achieve and I may never be as good at it as I want, but I will not stop trying.

stress-teaDay 15 – Since yesterday was a bad day, I woke up today feeling a bit defeated. I managed to stay the course, though. I didn’t let yesterday consume my today.  I am pretty proud of that. I ate oatmeal, a banana, pasta salad, spinach salad, fruit salad, chili/brown rice pasta, and capped the day off with some Stress Ease Tea. It is soothing and works wonders after a day like today.

Fruit Salad

I also want to share a pic of my fruit salad because it was so pretty. Seriously, isn’t this gorgeous!? My favorite thing is when my food is just as appealing to the eye as it is to the taste buds.

I look at some of the food available to me and I think only God could create such a diversity of color, taste, texture, and scents in our food supply.

So that was my day. I was able to stay on track and obey God. Not much more I can want than that.

How about You? What is the area in your life that you struggle to obey God?

Be Blessed!



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