Day 10 – Color Me Purple

Proverbs 19:21     Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s decree will prevail.

Proverbs 16:20     Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. 

Another day filled with busyness. Was there room for God today? Thankfully today I had all morning to read my bible and pray, but instead I slept past my alarm. I did a quick devotional this morning, but not more than 10 minutes. That is barely enough time to say hello to God, let alone listen to what He has to say in return. As I was driving the hour home from rehearsal, I was able to finally stop and listen to what God wanted to say to me. And His question for me was, “Is there room for me in your busy day?” I admit, that stung a little. Truth is, I’m not sure there was room for Him today. In all my running around, even in preparing worship songs, I hadn’t really stopped to pay much attention to God. These two verses came to mind. I think it was a reminder that no matter how well I plan my life, He will interrupt me when He wants my attention, and when He is carrying out His will. Although there are moments like Saul being struck with blindness on the road to Damascus, which are hard to ignore, more often then not I will miss the interruptions if I am not in tune with the Spirit. It takes time with Him by reading and praying to accomplish that.

The second verse was a discipline, or a “firm reminder” as I like to call it. Do I really trust Him enough to take His correction and apply it my life?

As I said, day 10 has been a busy one, and as a result I have not eaten enough calories today

Green Smoothie

or logged a good nutrition score on my HealthWatch 360 app. I am not hungry, but I will do better tomorrow.

Weight today is 212.8, for anyone keeping track. That is nearly 9 pounds in 10 days and I have yet to feel hungry at all. More importantly, I am learning love who I am today, right now. It’s not about who I will be in 90 days, it’s the woman I am today. I accept her, love her, and want to take care of her. She belongs to God.

Color Me Purple

I woke up so sleepy today, but I knew I had a lot to do, so I gulped down some green tea and a banana, made a green smoothie and some more green tea, drank some water and went to my hair appointment. While I was there I ate a Lara Bar and had some more water. I am pleased with the results because my hair dresser is Ah-Ma-Zing. I love the new color, but it took quite a while to do it, which meant from there I was rushing to my next appointment. It was more a practice than an appointment. I was rehearsing with the worship team for an upcoming retreat. It was a fun rehearsal, and I ate some raisins while I was there, but after leaving the house at 10:30 and not returning until 8:00, I was tired! I ate some more leftover beans and rice and it was just what I needed. It was filling and satisfying after a long day. I find it funny that my days off seem to be busier than my work days. Aren’t they supposed to be for rest?

How much rest do you allow yourself on your days off? Do you slow down enough to listen to God? Do you spend enough time with Him to be aware of His interruptions into your day?

Be Blessed!




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