Day 9 – Jesus vs. Cookies

Luke 10:40     Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made,

The Cookies are taunting me.

 I can be easily distracted. Just this evening as I was doing an evening devotional, I look up from my reading and see this plate of cookies that my girls made for dessert. I found myself not really paying full attention to what I was reading because I kept glancing at the cookies. They just look so good, and I normally don’t like cookies. As my eye darted back and forth between the temptation and my devotional, I was struck with this thought of a showdown – Jesus vs. Cookies.

Oddly enough, when I was looking at the cookies earlier, I had no desire to have one. It didn’t tempt me at all. Not until I was focusing my attention on Jesus did the temptation arise.

As I refocused my attention on what I was reading, I saw that it was on Martha and Mary. We all know the story, Mary stood adoringly at the feet of Jesus and soaked up His presence while Martha was busy with the preparations, the cooking, cleaning, etc. She was serving Jesus, but in her serving she forgot to spend time with Him. She forgot whom she was serving because she was so busy doing.

That made me think about this 90 day fast. I have spent a lot of time the past two weeks preparing for this fast. And I have been busy preparing meals, logging a food diary, starting a blog. In the midst of all my busyness have I forgotten why I am doing this? If Jesus isn’t my main focus, then what is the point? My sacrifice does nothing for me if I am not making the sacrifice for God. Just as simply doing the work won’t help me get closer to Jesus, I need to spend time with Him as well.

Thankfully this past Sunday my pastor gave us a 30 day challenge to spend 17 minutes in the word and prayer each day. This is not a difficult task, but it does give me motivation to ensure I am reading and praying. It came at a very good time.

So, on to Day 9… I began using an app to track my food intake because I wanted to check my nutrient intake. I chose HealthWatch 360 and I love it! I recommend it to anyone that wants to track not only calories, but nutrients as well. It gives you calories, nutrition score, it counts your fitness against your calories, and so much more. There is a huge array of things you can do with this app, and I have barely begun to scratch the surface.

Anyway, after plugging in all the food I ate, I realize my nutrition is really good. I am getting all that I need and more. Going vegan does not mean going without enough protein or other nutrients.

It felt like I ate a lot today, but it was only around 1200 calories or so. Breakfast was oatmeal, Lunch was a salad, Took a smoothie to work, and had beans and rice for dinner. I also had a couple cups of green tea, some golden milk and LOTS of water. And I am not hungry at all. Quite the opposite, I have been full all day.

All this busyness and preparation isn’t all bad when you consider that it has helped me stay on this fast for 9 days so far. I only need to remember to keep my eyes on Jesus as I take this journey. My good works will not bring the change that I desire, only Jesus can do that.

What distracts you from God? Do you find yourself so caught up in the busy that you forget to rest in Him?

Be Blessed!



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