Day 6 -Wait a minute Mr. Postman

Day 6 was average for the most part. I did a good job eating the right foods, but I am finding very quickly that I am a “whatever strikes my mood” kind of eater. Planning meals isn’t easy because when it comes time to eat them, I want something different. This is the main reason that I make several things and eat them all week, rather than making specific meals all ready to go. I need to have the freedom to eat what I feel like eating at meal time.

Like I said, I did okay today. I ate things that were all acceptable to my plan, but it wasn’t an exciting day. Until I got home from work and found a package on my doorstep that contained this:


If you can’t see the picture, it’s an InstantPot – an electric pressure cooker. So many things that can be done in this thing, from making chicken to steaming veggies and rice. I got a little note stating that it was to help me on my journey. It was sent to me anonymously by someone who reads this blog. I have to say it blew me away and I cannot wait to dig in and learn how to use it! So if anyone reading this has any recipes feel free to comment!

I’m hoping this lovely appliance will bring about more exciting food in the future, but for now I will settle for what I know. Breakfast today was oatmeal and fruit salad.Lunch was a green smoothie and I had chips and hummus for a snack. For dinner I heated up a sweet potato that I had baked the other day. I added Almond Butter, a little maple syrup and cinnamon. It was delicious. I could seriously eat three of those in one sitting without batting an eye, but that would defeat the purpose of this fast. I want to finish this 90 days with my head held high and my life in submission to God. I pray this time will bring me closer to Him.

Part of this journey is spending time in the Word and in prayer. This morning I stumbled across a quote by Oswald Chambers that stopped me in my tracks.

“Has my life been a good reflection on His reputation,” O.Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest.

I have not been able to get this quote out of my mind. I would like to think I uphold God’s reputation pretty well, but do I really? Does someone watching my life think more highly of God? In other words, do my actions make people want to know more about Jesus?

Oh how I long for my life to be a beacon that shines into the darkness of each person I encounter and brings the truth and love of Jesus to them.I want my actions to cause people to think more highly of God. In the end, none of this is about me. Not this journey, not this blog, not even this life. It is all for Him, and for Him alone.

How does your life reflect on God’s reputation?

Be Blessed!




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