Okay, first post and I’m already spilling secrets.

Get used to it.

I have to confess that my journey to take care of my body began last year. God seriously dealt with me regarding my food and my body, which I had not surrendered to Him. Food was/is my thing. It was my comfort, my solace, my connection to all things emotional, and I hadn’t allowed God to be a part of that. I had tried, but it rarely lasted. As a result, my weight has been very high most of my adult life and I have never been the picture of health. During a long car ride home from a very spiritual week of fellowship and worship, I asked God to reveal to me the area of my life I still needed to surrender. All He wanted to talk about was food.

Once I got home, I did what I tend to do and I made a huge life decision by jumping in the deep water head first. I had no plan, no long term goals, no research, but a lot of passion and zeal to change. This is a pattern of my life and the reason I fail at my endeavors more often than not. I began eating clean, lost 40 pounds, but found it difficult to sustain that without the plan to back me up. I also didn’t include God much in my  journey, which was the entire reason I was doing this in the first place. And I failed.

Since then I have gained back about 30 of those pounds and I am in a spiritual vacuum. No progress to be found regarding my body and submitting it to God. I have known what it means to submit to God in the areas of my mind and my spirit, but not in my body.

So here we are starting over, this time with a plan and the accountability of this blog. I will make mistakes, I will go lengths of time without updating here, I will be wishy-washy about my mission, but I will continue to press forward to the ultimate goal.

I am on a journey to connect living whole with living holy in body, soul, and spirit.

I hope you join me along the way…

Be Blessed!



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